cote bob style start

Bob style cut – The trend for all hair types

cote bob style start

This modern bob style cut gives a lot of innovation that definitely improves hairstyles. The shaggy bob style cut and layered bob cut style are absolute favorites this season. Undoubtedly, the bob-style cut is a perfect solution for a thick, fine, smooth or curly hairstyle.

curly bob style cut

One of the many things that the bob-style cut has to offer is that it’s great both messy and messy. So if you have somewhat disobedient curls that this bob style cut you won’t have to worry about. A bob style cut is undoubtedly an incredible solution for hair.

cut bob style cut

These styles cut towards the chin or clavicles are quite beneficial for hair that lacks body and volume. Although you can usually apply simple hairstyling techniques and products available for hair care. Then we will give you a little walk through this fantastic style so that you can choose the bob style cut that you like or favor you the most. And if you’ve been with this look for some time, then you could change your cut without leaving your style.

purple bob cut

Bob style cut for fine hair

If your hair is thin, then you should know some tricks to make your hair look thicker and with more volume. I sincerely tell you that this bob-style cut is an excellent term for thin strands. Like everything, you only need to choose the type of cut correctly with the help of a professional, since they have a lot of variety. You should choose a maybe messy style or with reflections to give that appearance of texture.

comfortable bob cut

Bob style cut with a long bangs

If you have straight hair, then consider your hair as a blank canvas. Take into account the highlights in your favor to create dimension in cuts or short hairstyles. The thick strands of blond and brown color complete an elegant hairstyle with depth and volume at the same time.

Trend bob style cut

Bright blond bob style cut

As you know, fine hair is marked by strands that have nobody. One of the tricks you can use to make your short hair look even more voluminous is with the use of highlights and lowlights. The highlights are usually two shades lighter than your natural hair, while the second is two darker shades. The mix of colors perfectly creates the illusion of depth.

volume bob style cut

Layered short bob style cut

Undoubtedly, layers are an optimal way to create volume in fine hair. This bob-style cut shows how the shorter parts work together with the longer parts to retain the length while bouncing is added.

short bob style cut

Side bob cut to the chin

The upper part somewhat messy and at the same time ordered down perfectly combined to make this cut quite modern and sophisticated. You could add some dark blonde highlights to complete the unique look.

messy bob style cut

Bob style cut with inverted texturing

Fine hair looks great with a little color. You could consider, the platinum blond, this color makes presence when combined with purple. This is a great way to mold your color and make a beautiful change.

elegant bob style cut

Messy bob style cut

This messy bob style cut is honestly elegant, modern and works well for any occasion. They are extremely easy to comb and maintain. As we already mentioned, you should choose with the help of your stylist the cut that suits you best. Hair that is curly or wavy by nature is a very direct option for this messy cut style. If on the contrary, you have your straight hair, do not worry, there are different great ways to give it a messy texture. So decide and plan your look change.

female bob style cut

Shaggy Bob style cut

This shaggy bob style is medium length and with disconnected tips. This gives an incredible carefree atmosphere. Just as if you had the hair you woke up with. Think about choosing a color for your hair and you will take your style to the next level.

shaggy bob style cut

Bob style cut with medium wave hairstyle

A bob style with brown blond color is super modern and elegant, thanks to its texture and color. A messy half cut is a basis to start and get your big chance, then simply choose a hair color that you love. And to make a little more difference you can comb some random loose waves.

bob wave style cut

Bob style cut with side bangs

Your modern hairstyle on the front may not be so messy. But being only slightly imperfect, you can still keep the bob shape rounded. A little extra recoil will help increase the volume and achieve that free feeling without complication.

unique bob cut

Inclined and chopped bob style cut

This great messy bob style has a fun and sloping way when it is shorter on the neck and longer where it frames the face. This style combined with choppy layers is the most elegant rock look that exists. A platinum blonde color with dark roots could add another touch of genius in your style.

volume bob style cut

Inverted bob style cut

The main difference between a classic bob style and an inverted one is in the actual technique used to achieve these styles. If you ask yourself, how do you cut an inverted bob? We will answer that these are layers stacked in the back and slightly curved lines that extend to the front. you can let the frontal tufts reach the length of the shoulder The curved shape similar to that of a horseshoe in the neck area, makes this type of bob stand out from its counterparts.

long bob style cut

Inverted bob style cut for straight hair

The style is perfect for a person with naturally thick hair. The layers help tame the volume and enhance the elegant appeal of straight strands. Dark roots and a mocking crown could combine the look with the depth and dimension of the hair.

inverted bob style cut

Inverted bob style cut with bulky hairstyle

Women who believe that bigger or taller hair is better, will certainly not have problems with this wavy cut to the chin with mega volume. It causes a great impact from above, but the colors remain conservative.

super bob style cut

Inverted bob style cut with surface layers

With this cut, you will keep the rear view of your cut, as captivating as the front, with stacked layers. If you are looking for texture, the various layers are the way to go. You can also make the layers feel even more different by accentuating your tips with highlights. The touch of color is really elegant.

free bob cut
manageable bob style cut

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