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    Step by step easy hairstyles to change your look

    We have so many possibilities to change our daily style with these step by step easy hairstyles. But almost always we end up wearing the same hairstyle. The braids, the collected ones or the high bun with volume, are hairstyles that will always look good. So you can always go perfect every day of the week. We have collected step by step easy hairstyles, choose your style for each day.

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    Fall Nail Colors 2019 – Inspirations and Tips

    We are slowly entering the fall season. There is no doubt that fall is the season with the warmest colors. Of course, we will be inspired by these colors in our nail designs. Yes, we will look at the 2019 fall nail colors in today's article. We have compiled the most popular nail designs for you. Read on to get inspired and decide on the fall nail colors that best suit your style.

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    Properties of collagen for our health and beauty

    Collagen: the protein Main construction in our body, which plays a crucial role in the structure and support of all connective tissues. Its lack leads to a deterioration in health and beauty. First things first - in this article we will talk about the properties of collagen as the title has already realized but before that, we will discuss its characteristics.

  • Algotherapy | My Health Tips


    The algotherapy is an excellent beauty treatment. The algae, due to its high content of calcium, iron, and minerals, are a source of life for our skin.

  • 8 mistakes you should not make to have beautiful skin | My Health Tips

    8 mistakes you should not make to have beautiful skin | My Health Tips

    Do you know what are the 8 mistakes you should not make to have beautiful skin? If during your beauty routine you avoid these eight mistakes, your skin will be radiant all year round. Sometimes, our beauty routines are not as convenient as they should be for our skin and we make small mistakes that can help the proliferation of pimples and even premature wrinkles. But do not despair ! If you keep them in mind and avoid them, your skin will look splendid all year round. We are going to list them. 1. Touching the grains Although we are all aware that touching a pimple or extracting a pimple in bad manners is something that is not the…